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Ultimate guide on traveling with baby

Traveling with baby is not a cakewalk, it may feel like traveling with a rock band. As a new parent, you require strategic & well researched planning for stress-free holiday & outing especially when you have got tiny toddlers in tow. If you are prepared ahead of time, you and your baby will be better suited for a successful travel experience.

Traveling with baby stroller

Travelling with a baby is all about tote and carry and you must be prepared for it. Babies need multiple things during travel, and it keeps getting changed based on their mood. If babies need to eat then you will need a different variety of food to handle their tantrums. Babies need to sleep, and you’ll need to ensure a safe place for that whether you are in a car, train, airplane, or at your destination. If babies are getting bored, you’ll require handy games, toys to play with them to keep them distracted and engaged in their own happy world.

With this ultimate guide, you can ensure a fun and fruitful holiday for everyone in the family.

Travel can be of long road trips by car/public transport, train journey, airplane and any other unusual mode like a cruise. Whatever mode of transport we choose, we must be prepared for the uncertainty when the question of our toddlers’ comfort, security comes. Based on the choice of the transport mode, we need to tweak our planning accordingly. The strategy can change according to travel mode but basic thumb rule is remaining unchanged. First and foremost, the thing to start for holiday/travel, you need to do your homework or research. The key to a successful family vacation lies in careful strategic planning only especially when you are with your baby where you can’t take the risk.

Few tips for planning for the travel with your tiny wonders.

  • Your travel plans need to be aligned with your child’s routines
  • Travel with baby destinations – the safe and sanitary destination with plenty of food and activities – to keep your children entertained and happy.
  • Do not plan more than 2 – 3 scheduled activities a day to keep the itinerary flexible as toddlers love to explore and play.
  • Chose a place where they are happy to look at anything colorful or go anywhere that they can run and climb.
  • book ahead for suitable accommodation to avoid last minutes hiccups and discomfort for your baby.

 Now the next question comes is of travel mode as each of the travel modes has some pluses and minuses.

traveling with baby in car

Travel by car or public transport –

The flexibility of road trips, the slower travel, and the ability to carry more luggage makes this a winner for toddler travel.traveling with baby in car or other road transport has pros and cons.

  • More travel times
  • More Jerks for a toddler during the journey
Traveling with baby by train

Travel by Train –

          Travel by train is more certainly more comfortable than travelling by bus.

  • Lesser travel times then a road trip.
  • Jerks for a toddler during the train journey will be less and suitable for the condition where the overnight trip is required.
  • The lower birth seat is ideal for the mom and baby, try to exchange the position if you allotted with upper birth seat.
traveling with baby in flight

Travel by Plane –

  • Book a seat that has a bassinet connection, and a separate seat for your older child, if needed.
  • Purchase travel insurance with medical coverage
  • Check your airline’s regulations to avoid last-minute change in plan & packing.

Essentials for traveling with a baby – Now, as we already decided about the destination and travel mode (road trip, train, air), we need to know the things to carry while traveling with a baby in flight or traveling with a baby in a car.

Why the prior planning of travelling with baby required?

As new parents of toddlers or babies, we are not equipped with the knowledge to handle the uncertainty. Tiny travelers need a surprising amount of stuff and it is important to provide them a 100% gentle and safe environment while traveling too!

Well researched information and checklist are always helpful for the journey with your kids. 

Learning about the measures to take and a quick checklist to follow to give 100% gentle care to your baby on the move and have a fun, safe, and memorable trip.

Here we are providing you the quick checklist for traveling with baby to make your trip planning in no time.

We must take care of different aspect of traveling while planning.

traveling with baby checklist on airplane

Checklist for traveling with baby

  • Health and safety
  • Food and comfort
  • Travel gears
  • Entertainment & Fun
  • Climate at destination
  • Prepare for the unexpected

For Health

  • Health insurance card, emergency contact number, your family blood group.
  • Prescription medications, even if your baby only needs them on occasion.
  • First-aid kit and Baby pain reliever, fever, cold, sunburn and supplies for treating minor injuries.
  • Hat or stole to shade your baby from the sun in warm weather or keep him warm in cool weather.
  • Prepare the emergency sheet with your baby’s health information, vaccination information, a list of any allergies your child has or medications he takes. Keep softcopy of the sheet in your phone and hardcopy in your bag. Sometimes people tend to forget this important information in case of panic so always better to keep this information handy.

For Overall Safety and Security during trip

  • Keep your baby passport or id card along with parent’s with you in case traveling overseas. Put the vital document on cloud or phone to handle emergencies in case of theft/loss.
  • When you’re traveling, keep a wristband on your child with your mobile number/emergency number, address of parent on it. No one wants to think about their child getting lost, but if they do, this is the right way for anyone finding them to get in touch with you.
  • Also, put the information as mentioned above in the baby’s stroller.
  • Distribute the cash which you are carrying in different luggage to avoid theft/loss all at once.

For Food

  • Pack an extra water bottle stay well hydrated, especially if you’re breastfeeding.
  • If you’re not breastfeeding, bring ready-to-use formula or make a few bottles of formula at home to bring along.
  • If your baby has started on solids, bring only as much baby food as you’ll need for the trip.
  • Keep a bag full of healthy snacks for them to munch on, such as fruit, breadsticks, crackers, raisins, cookies etc.
  • Have some sweets ready for energy for your kids and for yourself as well.

For comfort

  • Pack plenty of Wet Wipes, tissues and hand sanitizer
  • If your baby has started eating solids, bring a bib that’s large enough to cover most of his outfit, has a plastic or waterproof coating.
  • Bring enough diapers for the trip (or enough to last until you reach your destination and can buy more). It’s always a good idea to pack a few extra diapers in case of travel delays. Also, bring diaper rash lotion/cream.
  • Pull-Ups: Even if your toddler is potty trained, pull-up diapers or overnight underwear (for larger toddlers) can be a lifesaver. From tight connections to long lines and flight turbulence, making bathroom trips can sometimes be impossible.
  • Extra Clothing/Underwear: Extra clothing and undergarments will always be essential during toddler travel in case of an accident. However, I also pack an extra set of light clothing for myself in case of spills or worse: bodily fluids.
  • Ziploc & trash bags: It is always advisable to have Ziploc/trash bags handy for storing open snacks/food, soiled clothing, dirty wipes/tissues, and other trash. Also handy for keeping extra clothing and pull-ups easily accessible!
  • Pack at least one extra change of clothes for yourself as the baby may soil your clothes during travel.

For Travel gear

  1. A lightweight stroller / umbrella stroller- It isn’t as cushy as a larger stroller, but it’s easy to travel with because it’s lightweight and compact. makes sense for babies who can sit up.

Caution: Be sure to check your airline’s policy before your trip for carrying stroller.

  • Front-carriers or slings are great for carting around younger, lighter babies while keeping your hands free.

For Entertainment & Fun

  • Bring a goody bag containing a few of your baby’s crayons, coloring books, favorite toys, In addition to packing all of these, buy a few new toys for the flight.
  • Surprise your tiny toddler with a new toy or book but keep this surprising secret till the time they get bored with their current surroundings or toys. The surprise of a new toy or book will keep them distracted through the remainder of the journey.

Note : Only take a handful to make packing easier.

Climate at destination

  1. Although it sounds simple to know the destination climate check. It is very beneficial especially if you are traveling from cold climate to hot place and visa versa. You have to be well prepared in terms of clothes and other accessories to avoid any discomfort and health issue to you and your baby.

Few More Tips for traveling with baby :

  • Keep your child comfortable and happy.
  • Don’t rush to board the plane/train/transport to avert any mishap.
  • Keep your first aid kit handy and nicely organised so that things cab be easily found at the time of panic/requirement.
  • Get innovative and create in exploring the destination, entertaining your baby.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

So, get ready to explore the world with the world (your baby) in your arm. Hope this guide has helped you in taking some worries from you in traveling with your baby.

Traveling with baby

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