Parent friendly guide for Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials Guide

Parenthood is a blessing. Having a baby is the start of an adventure journey, no matter if you are experiencing it for the first time or experienced it before. Every baby is precious and unique. You can never plan for everything that would come your way. Parenthood journey is full of surprises with your baby and this is what it makes it more beautiful, memorable and special. To experience the best of this, what you could do is be prepared with knowledge of Baby Essentials requirement.

The first few months are both exhilarating and exhausting. You’re excited to finally care for your little one, but there’s a huge learning curve. You want to arm yourself with all of the best baby gears.

Walking the aisles of a baby store for baby shopping list for first time moms can be overwhelming. what do you really need for baby? With so much selection, deciding what to buy can be overwhelming. What do babies actually use in the first few months?

Your baby may seem small, but your bag says otherwise. Here are a few of our wisely selected items that can help make the first few months a little easier.

We hope this baby essentials guide will helps you to get ready!

What are the things which you should know about Baby Essentials Checklist?

We are going to let you know about Baby Essentials as a “A concise, parent-friendly guide.”.

What’s Inside?

  • Easy-to-understand illustrations development by age
  • Fun tips and activities that encourage baby’s development at early days of their life.

 Generally, you can make your baby essential list based on the age of the baby.

  1. 0-3 months
  2. 3-6 months
  3. 6-12 months

Activity wise you can also categories the essentials.

  1. Feeding time
  2. Bath time
  3. Nap/sleep time
  4. Entertainment time
  5. Diaper/clothing time

According to the baby stay / travel …you can segregate the essential stuff.

  1. Home essentials
  2. Travel essentials

On top of that We need Health & Hygiene Essentials /First Aid Essential to handle the emergency.

Why you need to know about baby essentials?

You may certainly have heard about many incidences where people shared their experiences that how foolishly they end up spending on many unnecessary baby stuffs which they never require after baby arrival and months to come. It is generally observed that 99 percent of the stuff sat there for months, unused. Because a new born baby actually requires so much less than you think. Piling up unwanted stuffs in house can give you headache for storing/adjusting in your apartment.

Ok, let’s face it: baby stuff is crazy expensive.

Solution to this problem is slimmed-down approach to buying baby gear. This approach will be focused on what’s truly important. You should prioritize value over price.

You should be more focused on enjoying with your baby rather than to count on stuff and stress on other trivial things.

Knowing about baby essentials checklist can help you in many ways.

  • Save a lot of your time for researching about best baby products
  • Save your money by avoiding unnecessary stuff.
  • Peace of mind for being prepared advance with all required baby gears.
  • Saving lot of space in your house by not piling up the excessive baby stuffs.
  • Better planning of your budget of getting baby essentials where you can focus on immediate requirements and defer not so important (nice to have) category.

Now here comes out recommendation for baby essential items for your baby needs in different stages and situation. Keeping in mind that first time parent needs to know about it in detail.

Baby Essentials for Feeding Time

Feeding time –

  • Nursing wear: Have a few comfortable and fitting nursing bras ready for use. Be prepared for the nursing covers as well. You can get them really cheap and are a great help, especially, when you are outside.
  • Nursing pillow: pillows are generally the universal favorites when feeding your baby with ease is concern..
  • Breast pump: Breast pumps are helpful for new moms to stimulate & increase milk production, You can store the precious breast milk in bottle and give it to your partner feeds your newborn while you are not around baby.
  • Baby bottles with nipples , Bottle cleaner brush.
  • Nice to have : Bottle warmer/Sterilizer — although It takes same amount of time when you need to warm the bottle otherwise.


  • Formula Milk and airtight container for storage: If your baby is on mixed feed or solely depends on external milk if baby is not getting enough milk from his mother due to medical or some other reason.
  • Bowl and spoons – These are needed to feed little one with baby food after 6 months.
  • Bibs & Burp Cloths : Required to handle mess during feeding your baby.
baby shopping list for first time moms - BathTime

Bath time

  • Baby Bath Tub:A baby bath tub isn’t a necessity but it really makes bath time much easier. There are many units on the market now that fit right into the bathtub.
  • Hooded towels & Wash Clothes:Super soft & quick absorbant are your watchwords for picking these infant bath essentials.
  • Bath toys (NICE TO HAVE STUFF )
  • Hair brush/comb and of course your choice of baby’s body oil, body wash & shampoo set.

Nap/sleep time –

  • Crib & accessories: Most mothers start off having their newborn sleep very close to them. But newborns can start sleeping in a crib instead of a bassinet from day 1. You would need a crib, mattress, waterproof liners, fitted crib sheets and soft blankets to complete the set up. Note: it’s always good to have your baby closer to you to make lifelong bond with your baby.
  • Muslin Swaddles: Muslin swaddles are multi-purpose and can be used as blankets, bundle up your baby to make her feel cosy. Swaddling of baby is paramount importance when it comes for sound sleep of your baby.
  • NICE TO HAVE STUFF  : Bouncer or Swing This stuff certainly makes mother’s life little bit relaxed when they have to make baby sleep.

Entertainment time –

  • Pacifiers: Not all babies love them. Pacifiers aren’t a necessity by any means, but for some parents and babies soothers are essential to handle the tantrums.
  • Toys: Your baby doesn’t need a lot of fancy stuffs for playthings, but it’s nice to have a few rattles, musical toys, and soft toys. You can also explore a lot of home activities to entertain your babies.
  • Books: Chunky board books are a fine way to introduce reading to your baby. Washable cloth or vinyl books are a good bet for wee ones too.

Diaper/clothing time –

  • Baby Carrier or Wrap:Perfect to keep baby close and keep your hands free, great to take for those shopping trips and just around the house.
  • Diaper Bag:A large diaper bag packed with all baby’s essentials ready to go will make getting out the door much easier!
  • Onesies with Zippers:You should have plenty of one piece outfits around, zippers are great for those night time diaper changes as the buttons can be hard to match up in the dark.
  • Muslin Swaddles: Muslin swaddles are multi-purpose and can be used as blankets, car seat cover, play mat and much more. It helps mommy in bundling up their ‘bundle of joy’ in a cozy.

Diaper/clothing time –

  • Diapers: Your baby will outgrow the NewBorn (birth weight under 8 pounds) size diapers in a few days. My suggestion would be to start with 2 week’s-worth of newborn diapers and buy the Size 1 ones in bulk.
  • Diaper cream: You want to save that little bum from any rash or discomfort. You can also use Virgin Coconut oil for same.
  • Changing pad/: You will quickly realize that your newborn baby needs changing quite often. Always have one or two changing pads for use at home, and one in your to-go diaper bag.
  • NICE TO HAVE STUFF – Changing Table

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Health & Hygiene  Essentials

  • A digital thermometer.
  • Bulb syringe: Use with saline drops to clear your baby’s stuffy nose.
  • Teething toys: Chewing on a ring made of firm rubber can make your baby’s comfortable during teething.
  • Baby nail clippers required to help you trim and smooth your baby’s nails safely.
  • Soft-bristled baby hair brush: This is especially helpful for handling cradle cap
  • Wet Wipes – This is actually a life saver for a messy situation.
  • NICE TO HAVE STUFF : Humidifier in the room where your baby sleeps can help ease congestion because it adds moisture to the air and also help with dry skin of your baby.

What you need to have baby essentials when traveling

Baby Essentials when traveling

Travel Essentials

  • NICE TO HAVE STUFF  – Car seat: although they are not mandatory yet traveling with your own car  with  babies, but it has been proven to help in safe baby transport. If you are well prepared then traveling with baby can be fun.
  • Baby Stroller/Carrier/Baby Clings: they come in various shapes, weights and sizes; choose one that suits you and your baby.
  • Diaper Bag: Make sure your diaper bag fits the baby’s all essentials you baby  would probably need for travel.
  • Pacifiers: Whether in a car seat or in a stroller, a pacifier can come in handy, to help soothe your newborn on long road trip or tiring flights.


CUTEBABYZONE thinks that breaking the gear into stages can ease the process, starting with what you’ll need in initial few weeks through the first year. You’ll find general gear guidelines and helpful tips carefully selected by our team keeping in mind the budget as well. For some stage, we try to segregate/break down the gear into two lists like Must-haves — These are the items we think are necessities and highly recommend. And also Nice-to-haves — These are items that some parents find helpful but aren’t 100% necessary and totally depends upon on spending capability.

We do not recommend getting everything for the first year all at once. By making purchases on an as needed basis, you may choose more wisely because you will know your needs better.

Being a parent, you should be joyful, happy, full of love and happiness in raising your bundle of joy.

So, Just relaxed ….enjoy every moment with baby without worrying about essential items.