mobile addicted toddler

It is seen that parents these days are constantly busy working on their latest gadgets, especially mobile phones and the child’s attention is inevitably drawn towards them.

Parents, unaware of their child’s increasing interest in the gadgets, allow them to play with them which give them some time for themselves. This results in child’s addiction to  videos, video games and so much more available on the internet. Gradually child becomes more interested in digital activities than the physical, social and outdoor activities. Child becomes irritable and fussy when mobile is taken away from them and parents become compelled to let the child play with mobiles. These can have long term implications on child’s mental and physical health.

So we need a better distraction for our children to remove their phone addiction.  Different researches have proved that toys help babies to develop their personality in many ways:

  • helping them to refine their motor skills
  • develop their coordination
  • speed up their visual processing
“Playing with your children is the number one
way to build strong and lasting bonds”
Psychological Association


There are specific toys that  encourage independent play and help distract
the child from gadgets like mobiles and tabs. Here are some of our favourites
for toddlers.

We will help you pick up a toy that is perfect for your baby,

we’ve put criteria together in this toy buying guide.  Whenever you’re
picking a brand-new baby toy, just try to make sure that it meets all the
following criteria:

The feature that toys should have

·         Safety – Safety is critical aspect when it comes to buying toys for babies/toddlers.

You should always keep an eye on the following minute points before selecting toys.

ü  Toy should not have any sharp edges that can hurt the baby

ü  Toy should not have many motorized/ moving parts that could trap fingers/legs while playing.

ü  mouth-safe materials – in case if baby puts this in mouth.

o   Plastics toy should be BPA-free,

o   Toys of cloth parts should be made from a non-toxic material

ü  Choking hazard – Toy should not be so small for baby to swallow it knowingly or unknowingly which may lead to choke.

ü  It should not have material that can suffocate

·         Lots of colors – Colors make a toy look more attractive and genuinely seem to keep children engaged longer.

·         Lots of textures – This will engage your child to discover more.

·         Some moving parts – To make your child happier and more engaged in moving the toy parts.

The quality and progress which can be achieved for your child’s development by selecting right toys is as mentioned below.

Phonological Awareness
creativity skill
Social Emotional Development
Problem Solving skills of baby
Motor Skill Development
cognitive skill development
hand eye coordination
Shape Color Recognition

Majority of toys require large areas but there are some that can be carried around wherever you go with your child. These are lighter in weight and size and can easily be taken along in a diaper bag or the stroller. Volume is another factor. In a public place it is better to carry a toy with volume control

Now lets us talk about some of the toys that can be

  • Activity Playset – The playset is a multi-functional play center that assists toddlers in their motor skill development. This gives a child a fun experience while developing their fine motor skill. 
  • Water Drawing Mat (best for creativity) – This water drawing mat gives your little one magical, fun and creative experience. It’s easy for parents to set up and will keep your little one entertained for hours. This is engaging, lightweight and durable and most importantly easy to carry outdoor with easy to transport package. This is ideal for home because it is mess free unlike other where you are left with a tragic mess to clean up later.
  • 100 Words Book (ideal for language development) – The book is fantastic for language development. Unlike a lot of other books, this one plays sounds and songs when your little one touches the appealing pictures. This makes it a more interactive experience and more entertaining for your two-year-old. This toy is so handy that it can be taken on the go, in the car or stroller. 
  • Construction Site Game (best for cognitive development) – Your two-year-old will spend hours engaged in creative play with this multiple piece set of construction site tools. This game comes with enough piece for your child to play either individually or with others. it helps with their cognitive development and also enhance their social skills.
  • Mini Musical Band (best for sense of music) – You will agree that music plays important role in child’s brain development. The mini band can engage your little ones to spend hours making music and learning about different sounds and beats.
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Final Takeaways :

Picking baby toys can be very challenging. Finding the right balance between fun, engaging, portability and safety can take a fair bit of trial and error and needs lots of time and patience to research.

you should take your time and remember to look for the features that matter to you.

The 5 options that we’ve highlighted above should include toys with enough variety to keep any child happy and away from gadgets/mobile.